The summary time!

This is the end, we’re free to go… In other words: the end of InteGraRzeszów! How can we sum it up? Let’s go to the land of numbers! The social project IntegraRzeszów was officially launched on 30th December 2015 as its Facebook page was created. During the campaign, 316 people supported us on Facebook, 144[…]


Bravo! The Rzeszów club rose up to the challenge!

Last Thursday a racist incident happened in Rzeszów. While students from the international student exchange “Erasmus” were having fun at the club, somebody shouted at them “Only white Christian Europe!” and “We’re not going to be another Germany!”. One of the attackers hit two foreign students. Fortunately the security guards of the club “Pod Palmą”[…]


Why did we decide to deal with with the problem of intercultural integration in Podkarpacie?

Recently there appeared some racist posters in our city. Moreover, a nationwide scandal broke out in Przemyśl, and it was caused by Ukrainian students . These are the most obvious symptoms of the intercultural conflict, which has been developing in our local community. We found evidence to back our claim up in local media. Racist[…]