Integra Rzeszów – the best social project in Poland


The second edition of the nationwide contest “Zwolnieni z teorii” ended. On Saturday Deputy Prime Minister of Poland – Mateusz Morawiecki presented the award for the best student’s project in Poland to creators of InteGraRzeszów.

For the last few months, high school pupils and college students had been creating projects, which were designed to make a positive change in their environment. Overall, there had been over 500 such projects. On Saturday, the final gala of the contest took place in Warsaw. InteGraRzeszów received The Golden Wolf for the best student’s project in the category called “the local community” . Creators of the project took another prize home – this time for the best project in the region (województwo podkarpackie). The project made it easier for people to make international friends in our city with the help of gamification and modern technologies.
We knew that approaching a stranger and starting the first conversation is difficult and awkward. That’s why Integra was there to make it exciting and cool.
We left leaflets,  with the gameboard of noughts and crosses and encouragement for inviting strangers to the play, on various universities.   Each pair, which followed the rules and documented it by sharing their photo online had a chance at winning prizes helpful in maintaining  new friendships. – says Izabella Dłużeń.

Mateusz Morawiecki when asked about the finalists of the contest said:
I think we saw the future elite of this country since I believe that the best definition of the elite is the one made by Bułat Okudżawa. He said that the true  intellectual was the one, who cared about other people.



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