Bravo! The Rzeszów club rose up to the challenge!

Last Thursday a racist incident happened in Rzeszów. While students from the international student exchange “Erasmus” were having fun at the club, somebody shouted at them “Only white Christian Europe!” and “We’re not going to be another Germany!”.


One of the attackers hit two foreign students. Fortunately the security guards of the club “Pod Palmą” reacted immediately and escorted the aggressive men out. Both victims were given help by paramedics, who are present at every party organized by the club. Short after, they could party again.

  • Such events are just rare incidents. Nevertheless, they didn’t use to happen a year ago, just before media started to scare people with news about immigrants coming to Poland. we won’t accept such behaviors in “pod Palmą’. We care about safety of each and every of our guests, and we support the social campaign “InteGra Rzeszów” – says Damian Raczkiewicz, manager of the club.

The purpose of “InteGra Rzeszów” is integration between students of different nationalities living in our city. The integrative party, organized within the framework of the campaign, will be held in the club “Pod Palmą” on Saturday of 20th February at 21.00/9 p.m.

It will the final event of the campaign, therefore the last chance to take part in the gamification. The gamification will turn the embarrassment accompanying the first conversation into something exciting and awesome. If two people of different nationalities:

  • play a round of noughts and crosses together on the campaign’s leaflet
  • document it with a selfie with hashtag #inteGrarzeszów

then they will take part in a prize draw. All of prizes are helpful in maintaining new friendships! What could you win? Some of the examples are: tickets to Resovia Rzeszów matches, entrance tickets to the trampoline park and tickets to pizzerias and cafes.