Why did we decide to deal with with the problem of intercultural integration in Podkarpacie?

Recently there appeared some racist posters in our city. Moreover, a nationwide scandal broke out in Przemyśl, and it was caused by Ukrainian students . These are the most obvious symptoms of the intercultural conflict, which has been developing in our local community.

We found evidence to back our claim up in local media.

  1. Racist banner on the fence of the stadium Resovia Rzeszow

„Only free white Europe. Stop with multiculturalism”- A text written on a racist banner hung on the fence of the Resovia Rzeszow stadium. After the intervention of journalists the banner was removed.”

Source: http://rzeszow-news.pl/rasistowski-baner-na-ogrodzeniu-stadionu-resovii-rzeszow/

  1. Students in Przemyśl posed with the flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army


„Nine young men is standing with a banderish red-and-black flag. Five of are raising their hands in a fascist gesture. In the background there are two BMW cars. To emphasise their presence the lights are on. A series of photographs was taken in the underground car park of Gallery Sanowa in Przemyśl. This photo was published online and caused a storm of protest.”

Source: http://www.nowiny24.pl/wiadomosci/przemysl/art/5787481,studenci-pozowali-w-przemyslu-z-flaga-upa-nowe-fakty,id,t.html

We can prevent the situation from getting worse. We are not here to get involved in politics or to explain complexity of historical events. We just want to create a thread of understanding between certain individuals of different nations. We are going to give people a reason to get to know, and (hopefully) like each other.

How will we do it? You’ll find out if you read our next blog post. Give our fanpage a like on Facebook to stay tuned!

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