#Hashtag #InteGraRzeszów

Give a foreigner a chance to get to know you and take a selfie together.

Why play?

Our city is at risk of an intercultural conflict. That’s the reason why we encourage you to take part in a game, which could help you win both new friendships and prizes helpful in maintaining them! Integration problem

How to play?

Find our leaflet in the city or print it yourself. Walk up to someone and ask them to play noughts and crosses with You! What’s next? Take our leaflet with you… and take a selfie together! Publish your photo online on Facebook or/and Instagram, tag us, tag each other, and don’t forget to add the hashtag #IntegraRzeszów. Plus, make your photo public! See leaflet

What can you win?

Photos tagged with our hashtag will take part in a prize draw. Prizes will help you maintain your new friendships! How? Some of prizes are: tickets for the matches of Resovia Rzeszow, free tickets to the Trampoline Park, and coupons to pizzerias and cafes! See a full list of prizes here.

You don’t know any foreigners?

No worries! We would like to invite you to our social events held under the slogan “InteGraRzeszów”, which will take place in several clubs in Rzeszów from 4th to 20th February! See the list of events here.

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Our team

Meet people behind the campaign.
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Izabella Dłużeń

Project Manager
Experience in organizing social projects acquired past year by organizing the project “Ropczyce oddają krew.” Has a certificate in Project Management Fundamentals.
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Justyna Toton

Bookworm. In love with the diversity of the world. Hobby? Foreign languages and writing. The debut project- “Ropczyce oddają krew” brought her a lot of satisfaction and … professional certificate in management.
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Konrad Bosak

Graphic Designer
The fourth-year student of journalism and social communication. Volunteer in a large number of social activities, a volunteer-firefighter. Passionate about fire fighting, first aid, computer graphics and video games.
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Sara Magda

Project team member
My everyday life filled with music, which is my passion. Travelling and making new friends matter to me just as much. For me, every day is an opportunity to fulfill a dream and to be involved in various projects.
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Dariusz Dłużeń

The graduate of journalism. Citizen journalist, blogger and and in his free time – a volunteer. Professionally a specialist in the Internal communication in the PZU Group.
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Barbara Mytych

Project team member
A first-year student of Aviation Management at Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania. A novice in social campaigns, nevertheless has had a lot experience as a volunteer in several social projects. Passionate about mountain hikes, foreign languages and history.
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Szczepan Zaskalski

Has always been interested in computer technologies, programming in particular. So far self-taught. Currently a student majoring in Computer science: programming. For a year he ran a company specialising in a variety of services regarding computers and laptops. Involved in programming and web development.
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Monika Świerad

Project team member
This is the first time I take part in “Zwolnieni z Teorii”. I study the logistics, and it really fascinates me. I am also a very committed member of Voluntary Fire Brigade . In my free time I love devouring books.

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